Saying it again: Pyongyang Will Not Talk To the US

In the latest press release, Pyongyang once again reiterated that it won’t be speaking to the US. This was announced by Minister Ri Son Gwon. This comes just two days after Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un’s sister, Kim Jo Yong announced that Pyongyang will not be open to discussions with the US.

Press Releases from the Embassy of the DPRK in Singapore (2021 June 22)

Pyongyang just commented about USA’s perception about the DPRK signalling to have talks.

Press Release: 3rd Plenary Meeting of 8th Central Committee of WPK Opens

Today I received a press release from the DPRK Embassy in Singapore. The part that would be of greatest interest is where it mentions Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un’s view towards the USA

3 Press Releases from the Embassy of the DPRK in Singapore (2021 May 2)

Today I received 3 press releases. Pyongyang is livid with USA, Biden and South Korea. You can download and read the latest press releases here

Press Release: 10,000 party members met in Pyongyang to discuss new economic plans at the ‘Sixth Conference of Cell Secretaries’

Kim Jong Un rallies grassroots organizations across North Korea

Press Release: Statement of Director of Research Institute for Nutrition Care of Children of DPRK 2021-04-06

North Korean research institute vehemently denounces UN reports of North Korean children suffering from malnutrition. In the press release, there was no name stated to identify the director of this research institute.

PRESS RELEASE: Vice-Director of Information and Publicity Department of WPK Central Committee Kim Yo Jong Releases Statement

Kim Yo Jong berates President Moon Jae-in in her latest Press release dated 30th March 2021

Relations Between North Korea and Malaysia Deteriorate Further

DEVELOPING SITUATION: Relations Between North Korea and Malaysia Deteriorate Further

PRESS RELEASE: Statement of First Vice Foreign Minister of DPRK

North Korean diplomat Choe Son Hui (최선희), who is one of the few North Korean women holding a high-level office, has just confirmed reports that the US has been attempting unofficial talks. 조선민주주의인민공화국 최선희 외무성 제1부상 담화

PRESS RELEASE: It Will Be Hard to See Again Spring Days Three Years Ago

Kim Yo Jong, vice department director of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea has issued her statement related to the US and South Korean joint military exercises. 김여정 조선로동당 중앙위원회 부부장 담화