World's First Aerial 360 Video Over North Korea

World’s First Aerial 360 Video Over North Korea

On 2017 September 24, I filmed the world’s first aerial 360° video over Pyongyang. I originally brought two 360° cameras up in the air. They were the newly launched Ricoh Theta V and a custom-built 360° camera assembled from a Yi 4K+ action cam with the original lens replaced by an Entaniya 280° fisheye lens. Unfortunately, the Ricoh Theta V was brand new with the launch firmware and it froze after less than 5 minutes of turning it on. For the remainder of the flight, I relied solely on the custom rig to capture this video. (The Ricoh Theta V was perfect and stable after a follow-up revision). I am extremely grateful to North Korea for opening up their airspace above Pyongyang for me to shoot this rare aerial footage.

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