DPRK 360 in Los Angeles

Aram Pan (DPRK 360) Solo Exhibition in Los Angeles, USA

Had a great time in Los Angeles! I never imagined so many people would turn up at my first ever photo exhibition in the USA. Everyone was so curious to know more about North Korea that I spent every single moment talking and sharing my experiences and knowledge. It was an opportunity to help bridge the gap between the American public and the DPRK to help create a better understanding.

Special thanks to Michael Kim for putting everything together and making this exhibit happen at Hollywood Boulevard! Grateful to 민족통신 Minjok and 신은미 (Shin Eunmi) for spreading the word and getting so many Korean-Americans to know about the event. 

Making friends along the way
Packed from start to finish
I gave 3 talks a day
Visitors from all walks of life
Young and old

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Design Peace Treaty Exhibition

Talk @ Hongik University graduating class exhibition 강의@홍익대학교 졸업전시회

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