North Korean Hydroelectric Dam

North Korean Hydroelectric Dams 북한 수력발전댐

This bridge in Hyangsan County has a dam that controls water flow during heavy rains. It is typical of many such bridges dotted across North Korea.

향산군에 있는 향산다리는 폭우시에 수량을 조절하는 댐의 역할을 합니다. 이 다리는 북한 전역에 있는 전형적인 다리의 모습을 보여줍니다.

Hyangsan Bridge 향산다리
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An increasing number of such dams now have hydroelectric generators installed that produce sufficient electricity for neighboring towns throughout spring to autumn. However, during the winter, rivers freeze up and such dams no longer effectively generate electricity.

이렇게 댐의 역할을 하는 다리들이 점점 증가추세인데, 최근에는 수력발전기를 장착을 해서 봄부터 가을까지 이웃한 마을에 충분한 전력을 공급합니다. 하지만 겨울 동안에 강이 얼면 전기를 생산 할수 없겠죠.

New hydroelectric dam under construction. The military and residents from nearby towns all contribute to building it.
새로운 수력발전댐이 건설중이다. 군인과 인근주민들이 건설에 동원되었다.
Aerial photo of a newly built hydroelectric dam in rural North Korea
새로 건설된 수력발전댐의 항공사진.


North Korea Gold 북한의 금

North Korean Gold 북한의 금

While traveling across the countryside, I was able to observe locals panning for gold in one of the rivers. They were swirling pans and using sluice boxes to prospect for the precious metal. That piqued my interest and the following year, I finally got to see a North Korean gold bullion coin minted from the Central Bank of the DPRK.

Hungnam Fertilizer Complex

Hungnam Fertilizer Complex 흥남비료연합기업소

The Hungnam Fertilizer Complex’s primary function is the production of superphosphate, ammonium sulfate, and ammonium nitrate fertilizers. 흥남비료연합기업소의 주요 역할은 과인산석회비료, 유안비료 그리고 질산암모늄비료를 생산하는 것이다.