Clever Raccoon Dog

The North Korean TV animated series “Clever Raccoon Dog” was launched in 1987 by SEK Studio (조선4·26만화영화촬영소). SEK is the acronym for Scientific Educational Korea.

The educational stories revolve around the experiences of a racoon, bear and cat. The main characters would encounter various incidents that require them to apply scientific, moral, safety and ideological solutions.

Clever Raccoon Dog is the most famous children’s cartoon in North Korea and you can find character statues in parks and playgrounds across the country.

Scroll down to watch 2 early episodes from 1987 and one more recent episode. Compare to see the improvement in the animation quality.

Clever Raccoon Dog (Episode 1) Skiing Match
령리한 너구리 (01) 스키경기

Clever Raccoon Dog (Episode 2) Measurement of Height
령리한 너구리 (02) 높이재기

DISCLAIMER : The Clever Raccoon Dog animation series are currently copyright managed by Grupa BB Media Film, a media company based in Ireland. Grupa BB Media Film has taken control of monetizing the two YouTube videos featured above so any in-video advertisement revenue goes to them.

Clever Raccoon Dog (Episode 61) Raccoon Dog Makes Glasses
령리한 너구리 (61) 너구리가 만든 안경


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