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Air Koryo

Air Koryo was founded in 1955. All existing airline pilots are ex-military pilots converted to civilian service. The airline is 100% state-owned and operates primarily from Pyongyang Sunan International Airport. The official website is .

Due to sanctions and limited flights, air ticket prices have become prohibitively expensive. A short 90 minutes return flight from Beijing to Pyongyang covering approximately 900 km (560 mi) costs around 550€ (600USD). It practically costs me the same price to fly 4500 km (2800 mi) from Singapore to Beijing. That means visiting North Korea costs me 1100€ (1200USD) just to get there! Air China also operates flights to North Korea but they’re even more expensive than Air Koryo.

Air Koryo Flight Attendant

I’ve flown Air Koryo so many times that some of the flight attendants recognize my face. The service I’ve received is extremely good and flight attendants go out of their way to make my journey comfortable, coming back often to ask if I need anything else.

Flying Air Koryo Business Class

Air Koryo does have business class with wider seats, more legroom and better in-flight menu. Economy class passengers get to try their famous Air Koryo’s burger, which tastes somewhat like beef and onions.

Koryo Burger
The Koryo Burger

Check out this 360 video of me flying business class while sitting next to world-renowned aviation blogger Sam Chui. Special thanks to Juche Travel Services for sponsoring this business class flight.

Air Koryo maintains a fleet of Russian aircraft which includes the:

  • Antonov An-24
  • Antonov An-148
  • Ilyushin Il-18
  • Ilyushin Il-62
  • Tupolev Tu-134
  • Tupolev Tu-154
  • Tupolev Tu-204
  • Ilyushin Il-76.
  • Mil Mi-17 Transport Helicopter.

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고려항공과 관련되 저의 사진들을 보시려면, 다음 페이스북 링크를 방문해주세요.

Featured Aircraft: Air Koryo Ilyushin Il-18

The Il-18 is used for domestic flights. It is perhaps the best known Soviet turboprop airliner of its era. Having first flown in 1957 and still in civilian use over 60 years later, its durable air-frame means that many such planes clocked over 45,000 flight hours. Click the link below to have a 360-degree view of the cockpit.

Air Koryo – Ilyushin Il-18

Featured aircraft: Air Koryo – Ilyushin Il-76

The Il-76 is a multi-purpose strategic air-lifter. It has a rear hydraulic ramp for vehicles to drive right in to load cargo. Its robust air-frame allows it to take off and land on unpaved and short airstrips. The Il-76 is well suited for transporting anything from large factory machinery to military vehicles. Click the link below to have a 360-degree view of the cargo hold and cockpit.

Air Koryo – Ilyushin Il-76

Featured Aircraft: Mil Mi-17

This is a North Korean variant of the Mil Mi-17. Normally the Mi-17 can transport up to 30 troops or up to 4,000 kg but this variant has been customized for “luxury use” and ferries 14 passengers.

Mil Mi-17
Mil Mi-17

Featured Aircraft: Antonov An-24

The Antonov An-24 is a 44 seater, twin turboprop passenger aircraft designed in 1957 in the Soviet Union. This North Korean variant is currently used only for domestic flights. The video below shows one landing in Wonsan Kalma Airport.

Featured Aircraft: Tupolev Tu 204

The Tupolev Tu-204 is a twin-engine, medium-range passenger airliner with a maximum capacity of 210 passengers. This is Air Koryo’s workhorse plane for international flights. The video shown below is of a Tu-204 taking off at Pyongyang’s Sunan International Airport

Featured Aircraft: Ilyushin Il-62

Perhaps the most unique and beautiful of all Soviet-era passenger aircraft would be the Ilyushin Il-62. It’s long narrow body and 4 rear-mounted engines give it an iconic and unmistakable silhouette. Although it’s a long-range (10,000 km) airliner with a capacity of 200 passengers, Air Koryo currently does not use it for regular commercial flights. Marshal Kim Jong Un’s personal jet is a custom-fitted Ilyushin Il-62. Check out the video of an Ilyushin Il-62 landing at the Pyongyang Sunan International Airport below.

Bonus Feature: Air Koryo Flight Stewardess Pin

For those of you who’ve always wanted a take a close-up view of the pins but were too shy to approach the in-flight crew, here’s my photo of the pin.

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