DPRK English Newspaper – 2021 January 16th

North Korea publishes English, Chinese, Japanese and Russian news very regularly. These publications are carefully written to convey only approved state messages. These publications are unlike international newspapers that are written with the individual journalist’s personal thoughts and emotional influences. North Korean publications therefore provide a direct link to the country’s strategic and tactical plans, and conveys the message Kim Jong Un is saying to the US, South Korea and the world.

북조선은 영어, 중국어, 일본어 및 러시아어로 된 신문을 매우 정기적으로 발행합니다. 이러한 간행물은 국가에서 승인된 소식들만을 전달하기 위하여 신중하게 제작됩니다. 이 간행물은 다른 국제 간행물처럼 기자의 개인적인 생각이나 감상적인 영향에 의해 쓰여지지 않습니다. 그래서 북조선의 간행물은 북한의 전략 및 전술에 대한 직접적인 연결고리를 제공하고, 김정은 위원장이 미국과 남한과 전세계로 전하고자 하는 메세지를 전달합니다.

I have included a copy of the 2021 January 16th English Newspaper as a reference because of it’s significance in the messages it conveys.

2021년 1월 16일자 영어판 신문의 사본을 참고하시도록 첨부합니다. 매우 중요한 메시지를 전달하고 있습니다. 

You can download the PDF here: https://dprk360.com/PDF/The_Pyongyang_Times_2021_january_16.pdf


DAY OF THE SUN: KIM Il SUNG’s BIRTHDAY 태양절: 김일성주석의 탄생일

Kim Il Sung’s birthday was designated an official holiday in 1967. However this date was later named “Day of the Sun” on the 3rd anniversary of his death in 1997. The “Sun” refers to President Kim Il Sung as the eternal “Sun of Korea”.

Founding of the Korean People’s Army.

The North Korean Military is known as the KPA (Korean People’s Army 조선인민군) and was founded 73 years ago today on 8th February, 1948. It originated from the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army, which was was established on 25 April 1932 by Kim Il Sung.