Eating in North Korea Episode 8 – Haedanghwa Restaurant 평양먹방시리즈⑧ ]해당화관에서 맛보는 돌솥비빔밥과 불고기

8편은 아람 판씨 일행이 해당화관 2층 식당을 방문해 불고기, 삼겹살, 돌솥비빔밥, 치즈덮밥 등 다양한 요리를 맛보는 동영상이다.

해당화관 안에는 레스토랑, 수영장, 사우나, 까페 등 다양한 편의시설이 들어서 있고 하며 중국 분점도 운영되고 있다고 한다

Follow me as I explore the different culinary options around North Korea with their local guide ! In this episode, we visit the very upmarket Haedanghwa Restaurant.


DAY OF THE SUN: KIM Il SUNG’s BIRTHDAY 태양절: 김일성주석의 탄생일

Kim Il Sung’s birthday was designated an official holiday in 1967. However this date was later named “Day of the Sun” on the 3rd anniversary of his death in 1997. The “Sun” refers to President Kim Il Sung as the eternal “Sun of Korea”.

Founding of the Korean People’s Army. 조선인민군 창설

The North Korean Military is known as the KPA (Korean People’s Army 조선인민군) and was founded 73 years ago today on 8th February, 1948. It originated from the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army, which was was established on 25 April 1932 by Kim Il Sung.