4th of July Anniversary in Pyongyang (2021)

Pyongyang marks the 4th of July 2021 with the 49th anniversary of the ‘July 4th North–South Korea Joint Statement‘. It was an agreement signed by Northern and Southern Koreas for the first time since the Korean Peninsular division and represented the initial steps towards Korean reunification.

Sadly, both sides have not been able to see eye to eye on so many issues and the Korean Peninsular remains divided till today.

Pyongyang has long considered the US as a hostile external influence affecting the Korean reunification. If you want a better understanding of the their political decision making process, I invite you to read this written work by the late Chairman Kim Jong Il that was published 10 days after the July 4th North-South Joint Communiqué: “Let Us Struggle Resolutely to Implement the Three Principals Of National Reunification by Kim Jong Il


DPRK-USA Summit In Singapore – 3rd Anniversary

It’s been three years since the DPRK-USA Summit of 2018. It was a brief moment when the entire world focused its attention towards the tiny island nation of Singapore. Today, a brass plate memorialised this historic event and marks the exact spot where Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump first met and […]

DAY OF THE SUN: KIM Il SUNG’s BIRTHDAY 태양절: 김일성주석의 탄생일

Kim Il Sung’s birthday was designated an official holiday in 1967. However this date was later named “Day of the Sun” on the 3rd anniversary of his death in 1997. The “Sun” refers to President Kim Il Sung as the eternal “Sun of Korea”.