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Aram Pan (潘君瀚) is a Singaporean full time photographer and media consultant. During his spare time, he travels to North Korea and captures scenes of the country that the mainstream media generally ignores. He goes by the motto "there are two sides to every coin" and the entire DPRK 360 project is all about looking at North Korea with a different perspective.

The DPRK 360 project opens a window into North Korea through the use of photography, videos and cutting edge VR technologies. Aram prefers not to apply photo effects and filters onto his images and most of his photos are presented raw and WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). He has amassed a huge online commection of photos on his DPRK 360 Facebook account that is easily accessible.

A word from Me

Ever since I started this project. I've encountered two extreme types of people. Those who oppose my project because they deemed it to glorify socialism (or communism); and those who approve of my project because they deemed it to be anti-capitalist. The last thing I want is for this project to become a tool for either side to use as ammunition against each other. I have received emails and private messages from anti-capitalistic individuals asking me to contribute my images for use in anti-capitalistic documentaries and propaganda. I have also been the target of anti-socialist individuals who publish criticisms to discredit me. All I can say is that the DPRK 360 project is nothing more than my own journey of discovery. I publish whatever I see and experience. What you see is what I saw in North Korea. I have been constantly asked why my photos did not show prison camps or starving people. Just think about it. How many travellers visit another country requesting to tour their prisons and slums? Would you do that in USA, Philippines, or even Singapore? I know there is no way my Singapore government would approve a tour of Changi Prison. So I say to both extreme camps... Anti-socialists friends reading this, you are absolutely entitled to your opinions and I will not get into any arguments with you. It was never my intention for my photos to offend you, but if they did, then please look away. Anti-capitalists friends reading this, I cannot allow my materials to be used to generate arguments with your opponents. I'm really sorry if you have expected my project to champion your cause. Now, to everyone else... Thank you for following my journey and viewing my images. I'm sure you are just as curious about North Korea as I am. It has been quite an experience and it has been my pleasure sharing everything with you. North Korea still has many unexplored places to visit and I'm always in the process of planning my next trip. Whatever I see and experience, I'll share them with you. No politics, no conflict. Just enjoy the photos please.



Young Pioneer Tours

Young Pioneer Tours is the fastest growing travel agency specializing in DPRK tours. Their concept of keeping things fresh and affordabale have made them extremely popular over the recent years


Juche Travel Services

Juche Travel Services is a UK based travel company specializing in DPRK aviation and railway tours catered to hobbists, enthusiasts and industry professionals.


Eastern Vision

Eastern Vision is a Hong Kong based global tour organiser for students worldwide that develops travel programmes to equip students with global knowledge via meaningful sightseeing and engaging local communities.


My first trip to North Korea

I made my first trip into North Korea and immediately I knew that it was going to be a long journey of discovery.

First Anchor Sponsor

Juche Travel Services becomes my first anchor sponsor, allowing me to plan for long term goals.

An Alliance begins

Young Pioneer Tours becomes my second anchor sponsor and an alliance is formed. Travel companies that usually compete against each other for a bigger slice of the pie now cooperate to expand this pie.

The Alliance Grows

Eastern Vision Hong Kong joins this alliance and the DPRK 360 project gains significant momentum


  1. Entaniya

    Japanese company innovating in 360° VR imaging lenses

  2. VideoStitch

    French company producing software for editing 360° VR videos

  3. OSVR

    Hardware developer for 360° VR head mounted display systems