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360° Images

I am the pioneer at creating 360° interactive virtual tours and 360° VR videos of North Korea. Click the link to view my entire collection.

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Ultra high resolution images
High-Res images

My collection of ultra high resolution images that are zoomable. Please note that most of them take quite a while to load because of their extreme pixel density.

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YouTube Videos

Access my entire collection of videos about North Korea collected from my trips since 2013. They cover events, places and even the food I've eaten.

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Latest news

Trip Log

I've made my 16 trips to North Korea so far. The number of days and dates have been updated.


International Travel

I'm slowing down from the DPRK 360 project and visiting other countries; checking out the rest of the world.

Not sure where I'll be off to. Likely Malaysia, Thailand and some other Southeast Asian countries

Visit North Korea

Investors, academics, journalists or individuals who are interested to experience the North Korea I personally know, I can facilitate your entry requests and personally lead you around the country.


Not accepting the following:
Individuals who believe that the DPRK offers free/sponsored trips to all socialist/communist "comardes".


This project is the source of thousands of beautiful images of DPRK. If you are unaccustomed or easily offended by such images, please do not proceed further. If you are searching for sad and depressing images of North Korea, this is not the project for you. I offer a different perspective and show "the other side of the coin".

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